Who We Are

Welcome!  We are just an unconventional family trying to make it through each day.  It’s almost always chaotic, loud, and busy at The Horrell House.  It’s always full of love and cheer too. My name is Heather and I am a mom to six littles.  I’m all for making life a little easier and little more simple. Mainly for me, but I suppose everyone could use a little simplicity. Here you’ll find stories of our everyday life, my latest projects and where you can get them, as well as awesome (I think) ideas and tips, my favorite resources,  funnies, & anything and everything in-between.

I’m passionate about helping kids and parents find/create a little peace, truth, fun, and adventure in each day. We like to use yoga and meditation to ease the chaos. Sometimes we craft and sometimes we go on Doctor Who marathons. We Potter a lot. We always cuss a little too much and we don’t give a fuck about societal standards.  We are a mix between the totally uncouth and the over-educated (literally, having spent the better part of the last decade in studies, I should be rich, right?) Our passions are about as varied as our life, but could be summed up in three words: FUN, TRUTH, and ADVENTURE.

Musings range from anything pregnancy and postpartum related (food cravings!), to yoga poses for babies, to the most fun and beneficial kind of learning activities for your brood.  In pursuit of truth, research articles dealing with mindfulness, politics, homeschooling, atheism, and parenting aren’t off-limits either.  Memoirs of our adventures abroad, recipes that you have to pin & your kids will eat, & realistic DIY/craft projects that you can tackle can be found at The Horrell House. We really are all over the place.

We hope that you’ll stay with us. After all, the fuller the house, the fuller the heart!


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