“Wholistic” Learning

This class has been a fascination of information!

17-vector-flying-birds (1)

I find that we often talk about the mind and how our brains work, but we don’t feel the weight of what we are saying.

After learning about the mental representations that aid in our everyday understanding and novel ideas, it all makes sense 🙂 See here.

and here.

BUT, I also feel that dynamic systems are at play and that the simple rules of logic, images, etc. are not solely responsible for how we aquire new knowledge or that it always works that way, everytime, for every person.

No, I feel that the brain and body/mind are more complex than we can even undersatnd right now.  Instead, I think what we discussed this semester is more useful information that I can put in my arsenal of tools.

I now know a little more about individualization and how to tailor a lesson to the kid, to the day, to the T!

I now question why people are so insistent on figuring the brain out to a point where it would all stop.  I like delving into the hidden portions to help us understand our learning, but not so we can call it day and stagnate.

In order to “play the whole game”, we can never become comfortable with “figuring it all out”.  The entire reason and purpose for this class, in my opinion, was to see that the brain uses different techniques and concepts to understand our world.

If I can make understanding a little easier to come by, I would feel proud.

I feel even more convinced that I am on a path as a learning partner with my pupils.  The most important goal is that I inspire the brain fire and they come to their knowledge independently.

“Once you teach people to say what they do not understand, it is easy enough to get them to say anything you like.”
― Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile: Or On Education


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