A Cute Birth Announcement…When You Don’t Want to Share Your Pregnancy.

As a mom to five, I am used to hearing it all in regards to how many we have.  Just recently, while the hubs dropped us off in front of Target because of a downpour of rain, a woman made this comment, “Wow, it’s like a clown car. They just keep coming out!” Now, I didn’t know how to infer her apparent indignation, but I think is’t fair to assume it was something better left unsaid.

So as you can see, when I became pregnant with my fifth, I decided that I could (for the most part) hide behind the anonymity that is social media and refrain from divulging the status of my uterine components.  Let’s just say that after two kids, especially if they happen to be the “perfect” combo of boy and girl, people-even well-meaning family members, are less than excited about another pregnancy. I didn’t want the criticism, the questions, and the tasteless jokes.

When December rolled around and I birthed three weeks early, I was so excited to finally share with majority of my friends and all of my family (who weren’t local to me). I’d always wanted to do one of those cute birth announcements but never got around to it. Now was the perfect time-Christmas!

We were expecting her on New Year’s(ish), but as fortune would have it, she came before Christmas. So, we got a cute and colorful hat box, staged the Christmas tree, and had the other four kids “unwrap” their early gift from Santa. Then, just like any other millennial mom, I shared it to Facebook.

Of course, our combined pregnancy and birth announcement caused some confusion and a bit of shock, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was nice to have something to ourselves as a family and to surprise our friends and family.

Now, the running joke is that should we ever have another little one, I won’t announce until the first birthday!

Take a look at our announcement and share your creative birth and/or pregnancy announcements in the comments!

No babies were actually wrapped in the hat box in the making of this birth announcement.

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