Skip the Crest, Aim for the Aim

Between lessons, classes, zoo memberships, clothes, food and all the other stuff that we *have* to buy for our kids, parenthood can make you broke. We all know this and we all know it’s so worth it and some of us have even figured out how to NOT go broke, like ever. Good for them. Seriously. I’m not one of them. And I’m a frugal, thrifty b*tch! 

Now, it could be my lack of sleep talking thanks to the six week growth spurt happening here, but I found myself so irritated the other day and having to explain yet again why money is important and what we use it for and how we get it. 


Because not even 24 hours after buying a Crest double-pack, the first tube of it was already more than halfway gone. No joke. What do you not understand about a pea-sized amount children???? Oh, that’s right-peas to them are like marbles. After all, they call them food marbles against my instructions. 

Trying to explain how it’s a waste of money is pointless. Their retorts always involve just going to the bank to get more money or…looking on the floor by the soda machines in the grocery store!

So my advice to you (and myself from here on out): get them cheap toothpaste from the dollar store so as to nix the fruitless attempts at toothpaste responsibility. 


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