Rebozo Carry

The rebozo carry is one of my very favorite ways to wrap and hold my newborns. It’s easy once you get the hang of it, fast, versatile, and doesn’t have to be reknotted!

I had no idea what a rebozo was ten years ago. When I first started carrying my babies, I started with the ubiquitous and simple Baby Bjorn. It’s a sort of buckle carrier that you can find and use easily. I loved it! I loved the bright salmon and flamingo herringbone and I loved keeping my babies close.

This blog is in a series that will include video tutorials to help you enjoy wearing your babies in a woven wrap. Sometimes wrapping comes with a huge learning curve, but it doesn’t need to discourage you! Rebozo Carry is great for newborns and quick “uppies”.

In this video, I am using a size two Oscha Starry Night Nebula.  Remember to always keep baby’s chin and nose up, keep close enough to kiss, and check breathing routinely.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments. Happy wearing!

Rebozo Carry


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