The Birth of Rory


We just celebrated my youngest girl’s third birthday yesterday.  It was a little bittersweet since I have always considered three to be a bigger transition.  They are officially exiting babyhood and now entering the preschool era.

She is very vivacious, can eat triple the amount some of the older ones in this house, and definitely rules the roost. Oh, and she is incredibly possessive of “her” baby i.e. Bowie.

Anyway, she was born December 8, but she was actually due on New Year’s Eve and I had really hoped she would be born on her EDD because…Harry Potter.  Well, Voldemort really, but I still thought it would have been super cool to have shared a birthday with a Potterverse character.

I had been expecting something to go wrong, which is one of the reasons we didn’t announce her pregnancy. Well, that and I really didn’t want to hear from judgmental asshats since she is my fifth baby.

We had spent that Sunday out and about and had just eaten pizza. The day before, one of my best friends moved out of the area as they PCSed to a new base.  She remarked how she wished she could stay for three weeks! We also talked about how I was feeling.  I was exhausted and my feet/ankles were swollen a little more than I was comfortable.  I told her that if it didn’t subside, I would call on Monday.

Well, the next day, we thrifted, ate pizza, then came home so I could rest.  I had just got through with a meltdown to be honest.  I felt so bad because I had just been a little too loud with my kids about a mess (I yelled).  I felt so horrible for losing my shit.  Anyway, quite literally, after I yelled, I went to the bathroom and heard a pop and felt warm liquid.  I instinctively knew that it was NOT amniotic fluid.  I had been expecting disaster after what happened with my third child, Sarah and a miscarriage I suffered a year after her birth.  I was high-risk since then, but my fourth pregnancy and birth was (mostly) perfect.  I knew my chances though, of having a recurring issue.

So, when I felt what I felt, I looked down knowingly and terrified.  I yelled to my husband to get the kids in the car.  My brother (with whom we live) was deployed and my sister wasn’t there yet since it was three weeks early.  I grabbed a prefold cloth diaper to absorb the blood and got in the car.  Hanley, who was 19 months at the time needed a diaper change but I knew there was no time. I knew that I had a placental abruption.  I called my doula.  At first, I told her to wait, but called back not even a minute later, and asked if she could come.  Thankfully, our hospital was less than two miles from our house,

When we arrived, I said I needed to be seen immediately. That I had an abruption.  They were mostly respectful but they did tell me that there was no way I could know that. That I seemed fine and we’d have to wait.  I just wanted to be hooked up to an ultrasound to see if she was fine.  They eventually did and she was beautiful. I was so scared.  Soon after, my doula arrived and she helped in ways that was best to my situation and needs.  She helped my family and I feel more calm. A little later the doctors arrived.  Just as with ALL my other pregnancies (save for Sarah), MY doctor was not in attendance! Anyway, they kept me hooked up thankfully, ran some tests, put me on Mag (ugh!) etc. and determined a cesarean was our best course.  I was disappointed, but prepared.  Cesareans are scary births for me.  They are hard for me.  My doula and husband really helped me with their affirmations and validations. In any case, I just wanted her out now so that I could hold her and know that she was okay.  During the procedure, I did tell the doc to tie my tubes; that I’d be covert but since it was a Catholic hospital, it was a no-go.  Obviously, there was a reason for that-I was meant to have just one more!

She was born as perfect as can be, but since I was on Mag, I felt really out of it.  She didn’t need to go to the NICU. She was a tiny thing with a perfectly shaped head as one of my yoga peers stated.  She was born around 9:00 PM and weighed 5lbs 9oz.

We did the whole two day stay, I missed my yoga graduation, but we got some incredible hospital photos out of it! I was prescribed Percocet which led to our eventual discovery of  my Opiate allergy. Let’s just say, I am a damn statistical anomaly.

So, that’s it. Aurora Mae Horrell’s birth!



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